Navjeevanam Ayurveda

We welcome you to experience NAVJEEVANAM Ayurveda, here in the Himalayas, where our mission is to provide the most ancient and complete scientifically based process of Ayurveda to heal your MIND, BODY & SOUL

Navjeevanam Ayurveda Hospital

Navjeevanam Ayurveda  is a 18 yrs old health and healing medical institute engaged in the practice and propagation of Ayurveda with thousands of success stories of curing chronic and incurable diseases throughout the world.

Navjeevanam ayurveda hospital established at Rishikesh, the foot hill of Himalaya in Uttarakhand of india in 1999 by the visionary physician & Gold medalist ayurveda expert Dr D.K. Srivastava started essentially as a town clinic , it has now grown into a mutiunit , disciplinary institute under one roof. Today Navjeevanam kaya-kalp & medical research institute Rishikesh is a name synonymous with Ayurveda in Himalaya area of north India.

A meaningful name Navjeevanam (Nav means New and Jeevanam means life = New life )that offers a new lease of life to the suffering humanity worldwide.

Navjeevanam Ayurveda offers you the best of Ayurvedic treatment and medicines at their certified ayurvedic hospital in Rishikesh, India. A highly motivated and committed team of doctors and therapists ensure the highest level in the quality of diagnosis treatment & medicinal preparations.

Ayurveda is practicing all over the world but it is preserved and practiced in its true form with grand success in Navjeevanam Kaya-Kalp and Medical Research Institute, at the foothill of Himalaya Rishikesh North India .

Navjeevanam Ayurveda treat & teach traditional  Ayurvedic medicines  and provide ancient Indian therapies to help, heal & maintain the quality & longevity of life. Navjeevanam Ayurveda offers classical Ayurvedic medicines and authentic Ayurvedic treatments and therapies to patients from all over the India & worldwide. Pulse diagnosis with complete Ayurvedic diagnostic (Ashtvidhi ) is pillar of perfect diagnosis & successful treatment in Navjeevanam Ayurveda Institute in Rishikesh India.

Our Mission

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